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In this era of smartphones and social media connectivity, if your business is not implementing social media marketing, your business is missing a lot! Social media has gained immense popularity in a very short span. It has opened a new platform for businesses and internet marketing companies. Even small businesses can go for social media marketing in a short budget to get remarkable profitability. At IT Canny, we provide solid social media marketing strategy for various businesses to get the utmost benefits of social media marketing.

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What Is It?

Social Media Marketing or simply SMM is a type of internet marketing which utilizes social media networks for an effective marketing communications and to meet branding goals. SMM refers to sharing of content, images, videos related to your business, products or services on various social media networks for marketing purposes. It is one of the most powerful internet marketing platforms where millions of people meet to share and exchange information of their interest. Social media marketing has proven its benefits to all sorts of online businesses.

Why My Business Needs Social Media Marketing?

Did you know that about 91% of the adult population uses at least one social media site every day? Social media networks allow your business to connect with your customers and potential customers directly. You can convey your business messages, updates on your brand, social happenings etc. The consistent interactions with the customers and other audience develop the authority image of the company on social networks. It is important for any business to understand their audience demography in order to expand the customer base. Social media provides a powerful tool to know about the business audience and their preferences. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media sites for general audience but there are many other effective social media sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Each of these platforms has its own strength in terms of features and benefits. Social media marketing companies help businesses to identify the most credible and effective social media platform. Social media marketing offers numerous benefits to prosper your business such as –

  • Establishing and maintaining customer relationships

    Interacting with your customers, acknowledging their feedback, resolving their queries and offering relevant information they need about your business etc. are very crucial tasks to build solid bonds of trust and relationship with your customers. Social media has proven to be effective in facilitating two way communications to establish and maintain customer relationships.

  • Brand awareness

    A solid social media presence helps build your reputation and keep your business in front of eyes of its audience. This is nothing but creating the brand awareness among the business audience.

  • Improve your online visibility

    Staying in touch with your business customers and associated audience certainly improves online visibility of the business. It also helps in improving ranking on various search engines for specific searches as social media buzz and activities such as Likes, +1, followers, shares etc. are counted in search results.

  • Boost traffic and sales

    The ultimate result of social media marketing is seen in increased traffic to the business website and increased sales thereof.

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IT Canny – Your Social Media Marketing Partner

IT Canny is a leading digital media marketing agency in Melbourne. Our social media services help to optimize your social media activities keeping a total control on business messages broadcasted across all social media networks. We know that one size never fits for all. So, our experts first understand your business and business needs to assess the most powerful and suitable social media networks. We provide customized social media marketing plan to meet all requirements and achieve marketing goals of your business. We not only create the social media profiles of your business but find out the best time and frequency for posting messages on the social networks. That is why; our social media services assure business growth and provide successful social media marketing campaign. If you need assistance for social media marketing, email us at or call us at (03) 9013 6560.