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Today’s market is highly customer oriented meaning that if your business takes care of its customers; your business can thrive in the market. This key factor of business growth led to emergence of technology solution called CRM solutions (Customer Relationship Management solutions). CRM solution is a software application that helps online businesses to maintain customer relations in a better way. It facilitates to store and access all customer information at one place and keep track of customer activities effectively. Sales force is one of the widely appreciated and used CRM solutions today. No matter if you are using systems like SAP, Oracle etc. you can take benefits of Salesforce by integrating it with your system. IT Canny is a Salesforce customization agency where you can avail customized version of Salesforce to suit your business. We also provide perfect Salesforce integration services to add the benefits of this top CRM solution to your existing system.

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Salesforce – Your CRM Executive

CRM solutions help drive the business successfully. There is ‘n’ number of reasons for implementing CRM application to flourish the business. It increases the revenue per employee, it helps execute successful business processes repetitively, it helps capture customer interests and preferences to adopt innovative marketing techniques, it provides insights and projections of future revenue patterns of the business and this list goes on to make continuous improvement and to make your business efficient. Though there are many CRM solutions available on the market, Salesforce is the leading CRM solution with its excellent features and flexible framework. It is cloud computing application where your business gets the top notch, innovative technology solutions without investing on hardware and software facilities. Salesforce offers multitudes of benefits to the businesses such as –

  • Track and monitor sales regions

    Save valuable time and resources – The automation of lead processes, instant email notifications to follow up customer requirements and customization of processes as per business needs help integrate business activities effectively. This ultimately helps manage sales processes saving time and manpower.

  • Customer relationship management

    As an effective CRM, Salesforce provides everything to maintain and manage customer relationship. It provides up to date data associated with the specific customer with automated reports you need and helps manage orders, estimates etc. It provides custom dashboard for each employee of the business.

  • Tracking market opportunities and competitors

    This is one of the important parts of the business to stay ahead in this competitive age. It helps address every opportunity with its inbuilt tools. It helps respond quickly to any customer inquiry. You can keep close eye on competitor’s ongoing activities such as special offers, discounts, coupons etc. to outline your business plans and strategies to compete in the marketplace.

  • Forecasting business projections

    One of the important features the effective CRM solutions must possess is the capability of forecasting. Salesforce provides statistics of recurring and booked revenue, forecasts about business revenues based on calculations using inputs from sales team and also facilitates customize the forecasting with the new parameters as per your business sense or predictions. Thus, it is very easy to estimate the business projections with Salesforce.

Besides these benefits, Salesforce offers solid data security assurance with its rigorous multi-layered techniques and excellent flexibility to integrate with other systems. Salesforce integration can be easily done by expert Salesforce developer to take its advantage for the business without disturbing existing system.

IT Canny – Salesforce Customization Agency Melbourne

If you are thinking of integrating Salesforce with your system or you want to customize it as per your business requirements, IT Canny is specialized in Salesforce customization. Our expert Salesforce developers recognize your business needs and provide the best customized CRM development solution using its powerful tools and features. It offers point and click interface and a wide range of tools to develop fully customized solution for your business. Our goal is to provide the flawless Salesforce integration and perfect customized CRM app for your business to boost the business growth and to make it efficient. Communicate with our Salesforce experts at (03) 9013 6065 or email us on

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IT Canny is specialized in Salesforce customization. Our expert Salesforce developers recognize your business needs and provide the best customized CRM development solution using its powerful tools and features.