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Did you know that a survey revealed that more than 85% smartphone users prefer mobile apps over mobile sites? The reason is that customer experience has great importance for mobile users. The studies show that mobile users use their mobile devices for almost all sorts of purchases and other deals. Smartphone users expect to access the online business or information quickly and the transactions to be reliable and responsive. This scenario highlights the need of mobile apps for any business. When it comes about the high quality user experience, the native mobile apps are unbeatable. If you are in search of app developers in Australia, you are here at right place at IT Canny, one of the renowned app development companies in Melbourne.

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Why Go For Native Mobile Apps

If you are thinking of developing a mobile app, the first question that comes is why to choose native mobile app. Native mobile apps are highly recommended when you need to provide the best user experience and native features in your app. Native apps provide rich features and excellent, unique user experience. You can realize your ideas to provide easy and simple options to monitor the app. Here are some prominent features of native mobile apps –

  • Developed for specific devices

    These apps are developed for specific devices, so they can access device hardware and software features like GPS, calendar, location etc. easily.

  • The best and unique user experience

    This is the most enticing feature of native apps. It helps build a successful mobile app for the business.

  • Easy to download

    Native apps can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App store.

  • Effective optimization of speed and performance of the app

    Since native apps are device specific, they can be optimized effectively to improve speed and performance.

  • Ability to operate in absence of internet connectivity

    Native apps can be accessed without availability of internet connectivity.

Native mobile apps are best fit for some businesses in certain situations. The factors like need of native features in the app, timeline for market launching, frequency of updates, budget and finally user experience determine the need of native mobile app for any business. If you are confused about it, our experts can guide you in developing the right app for your business. We are cost effective mobile app developers to provide effective web apps in your budget.

IT Canny – The Right Place to Get Flawless and Rich Native Mobile Apps

Native apps are device or platform specific applications. That is why; it is very important to choose expert professionals to develop native apps. At IT Canny, we have team of experienced and qualified professionals in various mobile platforms. We are specialized in developing native apps using Android SDK, iOS, Windows SDK and Wearable SDKs. The mobile app technology and apps have been ever changing but our experts always stay ahead attaining the knowledge and innovative techniques to provide top-notch technology solutions for businesses.

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Our team understands your business and implements various mobile development approaches to come up with the robust mobile strategy for your business. The extensive app development capabilities and skills of our experts assure the best solution for different businesses. If you want to choose from the best mobile app development companies, you are right here with IT Canny to provide the great user experience to your customers through easy and effective native mobile app. For any query about native mobile app, do call us at (03) 9013 6560 or mail us at