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Excellent quality content is not only rewarded by search engines but also by net users. That is why; it is said that ‘Content is King’ for all internet marketing strategies. Did you know that search engines evaluate and search based on the content on the website/ webpage? Content plays important role in every online marketing activity. It is the best way to boost the online business on all levels such as creating brand awareness, increasing traffic, retaining existing customers, engaging potential customers and converting them to customers, increasing conversions and sales. Despite of all these benefits, content marketing is cost effective than traditional marketing. Are you looking for content marketing and SEO? IT Canny provides comprehensive content marketing, SEO and online marketing services for you.

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Want To Know About Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all about optimizing the user experience offering quality and relevant content about your business. Whenever your clients or potential customers visit the website, the strong content drives them to relevant pages you want them to visit, engage and assure revisiting of customers and ultimately provides a valuable experience to visitors. This leads to increasing conversions. Content marketing can be part of SEO strategy for excellent results. Content marketing involves publishing effective content on various platforms to engage and attract visitors and it includes –

  • Publishing press releases

  • Consistently updating social media profiles with useful content

  • Blogging for the business and posting blog articles on various popular portals/ directories

  • Email marketing

  • Production and posting of inforgraphics, videos or audios on most visited portals etc.

IT Canny is an SEO company which provides content marketing services to take advantage of strong content and improve the online business.

Why Content Marketing Is Crucial For Any Business

If you are confused that if content marketing will work for your business, the answer is that content marketing is crucial for all online businesses. The key to increase visibility of your business is an impeccable content published on the website and other portals. All visitors first seek information about any product or services before they decide and purchase anything. Thus, all searches and purchase decisions depend on the content offered by any website/webpage. If it is engaging and relevant to visitors, it successfully drives them to specific pages and creates the trust about the business for further deals. The small, medium businesses also get benefits of content marketing. There are multitudes of benefits of content marketing like –

  • Creating brand awareness

  • Updating and engaging existing and potential customers and audience related to your business

  • Increasing traffic to your website

  • Establishing bonds of trust with customers and developing a goodwill about your business

It is proven that companies posting blogs more than 15 times a month pull 5 times more traffic than other companies which do not. Around 61% customers feel better if they find the relevant and trustworthy content and proceed for purchase. Besides this, content marketing costs around 62% less than traditional marketing costs. All these facts highlight that how content marketing has become crucial for all businesses.

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We design a comprehensive content marketing strategy to identify the potential customers, engage the audience, pull traffic to the business and increase the rate of conversion. For successful content marketing, our SEO experts analyse the target market of your business. We incorporate captivating and unique content for SEO and provide consistent content marketing to reach millions of customers. We imply persuasive and inventive techniques to come up with excellent results. Just call us at (03) 9013 6560 or mail us on and we are here to provide the best content marketing services.